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6 Effective Ways to Prevent Split Ends

Are your ends healthy or Ka sha ma dupe?

You may be wondering this natural hair of a thing, what are ends again o

Your ends are the oldest parts of your hair. The part of your hair that have been with you the longest. The part that hangs at the tip, the outer most part.

They have been through various treatments, several conditions, different kinds of weather.

Split ends occur as splits on the ends of your hair due to dryness or damage over time.

If you’re wondering how to identify split ends, it’s really simple.

Hold out a bunch of your hair and carefully examine your ends, if you notice any splits at the end, then those are split ends.

You can examine it closely with the help of a mirror. I’ve attached an image to help in identifying the varying types of split ends.

Types Of Splits

That being said, your ends could get damaged as a result of several things such as:

Heat: excessive heat could lead to general hair damage.

Rough handling: from when you comb or style your hair. In doing this, you have to be gentle otherwise you risk damaging your ends.

Another contributing factor to damaged ends is letting your hair down. I know it’s beautiful, I know it’s luscious, but you should try and add packing your hair up or styling it such that it doesn’t run on every surface out there.

When your hair is let down, your ends have the tendency of rubbing your fabric continuously as you walk. Or rubbing your shoulders, it’s also likely that it comes in contact with various other surfaces and is affected by the weather.

Bleaching your hair could also contribute to having split ends.

Friction: When we sleep, unconscious movements are inevitable. The rubbing of your hair against your pillows and bedsheet could also lead to damaged ends

Weather and environmental factors also contribute to split ends. The sun, the wind, dry weather and so on.

So how do you prevent split ends?

Be gentle

Firstly, be gentle on your hair. There are right and wrong ways to comb your hair, you’d have to learn that. Comb with love. While washing your hair, wash properly but gently. Wash day can be a whole work out sometimes but don’t take out your frustrations on your hair my dear. Just take time and be gentle.

Avoid heat treatments

Reduce or completely avoid heat treatments. Heat dries out hair and increases the risk of breakage and damage.

Pack your hair

Pack you hair or style it in a way your ends are not constantly rubbing on surfaces. A nice bun or puff, or a simple but beautiful flat twist looks just as good.

Use a Silk Scarf

You can always opt for a stylish or vintage silk scarf, whatever suits you best. You can wrap it around your hair in the day or at night. You can as well choose to wrap a silk scarf around your neck or hang it on your shoulder so that if your hair does rub on your shoulder it’d be on the silk.

It’s a really stylish choice of hair accessories that go the extra mile of protecting your hair even as they make you stand out.

Get a Satin Hair Bonnet

It seems like this particular option is a solution to a whole lot. My dear, add it to the budget and get it, you’ll thank me later.

Sleeping with a silk or satin bonnet or pillowcase will reduce the friction between your hair and the sheets and help prevent split ends. We provide the best satin accessories for your hair. Click here to view some Winter Collection: UNBOTHERED 2020

You can also include a satin pillowcase in your budget for your next shopping trip.


During dry or harsh weathers, make sure to moisturize your hair properly, drink enough water, cover your hair, wear a protective style of your choice.

If you already have split ends, what do you do?

You trim, that’s all.

The only permanent solution is getting a trim.
It doesn’t sound very pleasant, you’d think you’re losing length but if you really think about it, what kind of length are you retaining?

Split ends just keep travelling down the shaft of your hair and they only increase if you don’t trim them off.

Regulate trims help prevent the development of split ends. Even if you haven’t noticed your ends splitting, it’d help get rid of damaged ends and keep your ends healthy.

I hope you enjoyed and learnt from this post. Don’t forget to like and share.

Have you ever noticed split ends in your hair? What did you do about them? Tell us in the comment section how you handle split ends, we’d love to learn from you as well. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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