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Winter Collection: UNBOTHERED 2020

Hey there… So excited right now, I hope the excited flows through these words to you as you read this.

This is the official release of Anjie’s Accessories winter collection 2020, titled UNBOTHERED

It’s a first and like I said I’m excited

About the collection

What were your expectations when the year 2020 started?

The year has truly been alot for us. We’re still adjusting to what we now call the new normal. Lots of emotions, lots of anger, lots of confusion and so much more.

I stay in Nigeria and my expectations this year certainly didn’t involve protests or strike action of which my school is a part of and trust me, it didn’t involve a disease we now know as covid-19. I’m sure your expectations this year didn’t come close to those things either.

The UNBOTHERED collection wasn’t birthed out of a lack of concern, care or interest for the various things we’ve all been through this year. It’s also safe to say our hair has been through various changes this year as well.

In my own case, I had some more time for my hair this year. finally got to trimming my ends, joined the rice water geng, adjusted my list of hair products and various other things. It was definitely not a bed of roses.

But we didn’t let our situations keep us down such that even at our lowest moments, moments where we thought we’d just give up, we got up again and kept moving. In the whole process of making and planning the release of this collection, I’ve experienced quite a lot.

There was the whole episode of my tools having issues, not getting the materials I preferred in some places, chasing perfection, trying to keep to a deadline and when I thought I was done, there was the whole thing with the photographer that failed me. I’m glad I’m going ahead with this anyways, glad I didn’t just give up.

I keyed into the title and meaning of this collection and kept going. Valid and wonderful lessons were learnt as well.

So UNBOTHERED because despite all of it, you’ve come out stronger. You pushed through and got here. Even if you’ve not completely gotten out of that situation yet, your strength keeps growing.

Don’t be afraid to show off a stronger you.

Obviously, you’re doing not doing this to prove anything to anyone, neither are you doing this for anyone. You’re doing it for you because you’re your number one priority.

So now that the wait is over, you can view the pieces from the new collection below.

What do you think? is there an experience from this year you’d like to share? Is there something you’ve learnt this year that you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

You can visit our Instagram page as well @anjies.accessories. Don’t forget to share these with friends.


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