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My name is Olawuyi Abiola, owner of Anjie’s accessories. Anjie’s accessories is a hair care and hair accessories brand. We create and provide varieties of hair accessories that ultimately protects and styles your hair. Anjie’s accessories also guides you, providing you with tips and guidelines, as you find the right options that suits each unique strand of yours, making sure to get your hair to it’s healthiest point.

We want to be able to give our customers unique styling options that creates wonderful experiences whilst giving optimum protection to your hair.


Just as every individual is unique so does every person’s hair varies from the next person. The accessories every individual chooses on various occasions defines their personality and style. Anjie’s accessories aims to create and provide the most affordable high-quality hair accessories that ultimately protects and uniquely styles your hair, providing unparalleled experiences for you each time. Anjie’s accessories also aims to create a medium where you can get solutions to your various hair issues, getting your hair to its healthiest and most stylish points.

Thank you for signing up. Welcome to our community. We are so glad to have you on board. Feel free to follow us and leave your comments.
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