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The Benefits of Scrunchies for your Natural Hair

What exactly is a scrunchie?

Scrunchies are basically elastic hair ties covered with fabric used for fastening hair. They are definitely one of the hair accessories that come with a huge variety.

They’re extremely versatile, from the mini scrunchies to the standard to the jumbo scrunchies, they are available for all hair types and length.

We all know about the struggle to keep loose hair in place, in times like this most of us turn to rubber bands and hair ties almost all the time. Now those things could seem great and easy at the time but they are definitely one of the worst decisions you could have possibly made for your hair the moment you picked it up. They are tight and the eventual damage they bring to your hair is immense.

Firstly, they causes breakages and they pull out your hair. Now why should you trust me or anything I’m saying, I’m sure you’ve noticed those precious strands you lose each time you remove rubber bands from your hair. It happens all the time, so think about it is losing your gorgeous hair something you really want? I’m sure you don’t want to go bald, do you?

Why you should use a scrunchie

Most of us wear rubber bands in our hair for a significant amount of time to cause damage, the tension those things put on your hair isn’t something you should keep allowing dears.

So then what should you use if not rubber bands or hair ties? Scrunchies, the very reliable beautiful scrunchies. They are really gentle on any hair type and all that snag that comes with rubber bands don’t exist with scrunchies so those strands that rubber bands always, always snatches away from you are preserved by scrunchies. The tension, unnecessary tightening, damage and awful strangling of your gorgeous hair definitely doesn’t come with scrunchies.

There’s this thing that comes with rubber bands, where some people wear it on their wrist for various reasons, one being its apparent handy dandy nature, you don’t lose that with scrunchies dear. You could wear a scrunchie on your wrist and look really fashionable.

I know for fact that no rubber band has ever matched your polka dot or Ankara dress before. That aso-ebi, my gosh! Imagine that with the most fashionable scrunchie made to perfectly suit that style, styling your look all while caring for your hair.

Another thing common to these bands is how often they get lost, you could buy a bunch of them and lose a ton that same week. Scrunchies are so unique you wont have to worry about them vanishing when you need them, they’d be an accessory unique to your own style. Something so close to you doesn’t leave.

Scrunchies are just as accessible and affordable as rubber bands especially with Anjie’s accessories and they perform even more and way better than those damage causing things you’ve been using. Whatever hair type or length, Anjie’s accessories can find something for you at extremely affordable prices.

Check out the products and contact pages to place an order. Once you’ve tried one, you’d become positively obsessed with it. I know I am.

Don’t forget to like and reach out to us in the comment section, what do you think about scrunchies?


3 responses to “The Benefits of Scrunchies for your Natural Hair”

  1. All thanks to you for this wonderful news. At least I can pack my hair with no worries of pain at all with scrunchies. The thought of using rubber bands on my hairs have never been fun for me from onset. Thanks Anjie’s🤭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome dear.😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] beautiful and stylish. It feels good to know I have a hair accessory I can rely on. With these many benefits, I must say scrunchies are a must have for me. What about you? What are your thoughts on using […]


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