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5 Reasons Scrunchies Are Better than Hair ties

We’ve been over what hair scrunchies are, but for the sake of this post, I’d go over the basic definition of it again.

Scrunchies are elastic hair ties wrapped in fabric. So yeah, when it comes down to it, they are hair ties, but what makes them different, what makes them better are those last 3 words “… wrapped in fabric”. Wrapping them in fabric makes them better. The fabric allows them to provide an extra layer of protection, making them safer, it also gives it more pizzazz.

It still looks bogus. I mean, are they really better? What’s all the hype about? Here are five reasons hair scrunchies are better than hair ties.

Scrunchies Are Safer

Scrunchies are safer for hair because they don’t steal strands away from you when they’re in your hair or when you’re taking them out. They don’t leave dents in or tension your hair. They’re there to keep your hair from breakage. Unlike scrunchies, rubber bands and hair ties will cause breakage and damage to your hair. It goes against every hair goal you may have. What about using them for your wigs? Wigs are not your hair, right? Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed rubber bands steal strands of your wigs too. Sis, why spend all that money on your natural hair and wig care regimen if you’re only gonna let it get damaged by something that cost as low as 20 naira? O wrong naw

Scrunchies Are More Stylish

No one can tell me otherwise. Have you seen the colour and fabric variety of those things? You can have one matching every outfit, not just in colour but in fabric too. Scrunchies give you the freedom to express yourself with your accessories. The colours or fabric you choose, how you style your hair with it, where you wear them could be on your hair or your wrists. I find it to be an expression of personality, style and comfort.

Scrunchies Feel Better on Your Wrist Than Hair Ties Do

Have you ever worn a rubber band or hair tie on your wrist and felt so uncomfortable that it seems like it’s restricting your blood flow? Well, I have. Sometimes, it comes with this awful rash. Since I switched to the scrunchie lifestyle, I haven’t had that problem. I can confidently and comfortably wear my scrunchie on my wrist.

Scrunchies Don’t Break

Just last week, I loosened my hair. When I was done, I split it into sections, twisted and held it together with a scrunchie. The plan was to do an afro puff with two twists in front. But it was late, so I went to bed. The next day was Sunday, so while preparing my hair, it was easier because I had already prepped my hair. I took down the twists, got a hair tie, and tried to use it to hold my hair together. Why I did that is still unclear to me. I mean, I have scrunchies. Long story short, the hair tie cut when I was almost done after much frustration. Anyway, I learnt my lesson and moved on. P.S. I was eventually late to church.

Can you relate? Opt for scrunchies, they don’t break.

Scrunchies Are Harder To Lose

It’s so frustrating how you’d buy 25 to 50 rubber bands, only to realize you can find just 3 of them after a week or two. Apart from the ones that break, where do they always go to? However, hair scrunchies are much more difficult to lose. Because scrunchies are so bold and colourful.

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