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How To Know Your Hair Porosity

What Is Hair Porosity?

Hair porosity simply refers to how well your natural hair absorbs, retains, and releases water, oils, and hair products.

What Are The Types Of Hair Porosity?

There are three types of hair porosity and they are: high porosity, low porosity and medium porosity hair.

How To test Your Hair Porosity

You can determine your hair porosity by carrying out a simple test called the float test

  • Start by filling a glass with water and setting it aside.
  • After you must have shampooed and cleaned your hair of any hair product. Take clean dry strands of your hair and put it in the glass of water.
  • Wait and watch where the hair settles in the water. You have low porosity hair if the hair remains on the water. If the hair floats in the middle of the water, then you have medium porosity hair. You know you have high porosity hair if the hair sinks and settles at the bottom.

It is vital that your hair is clean and dry before you carry out this test. Wet and/or dirty hair or hair covered in hair product or oils may interfere with the float test.

After finding out your hair porosity, the next steps include understanding what it means and how to take care of it.

What Is Low Porosity hair?

Low porosity can be identified by the difficulty of the hair to absorb water. It doesn’t really readily absorb moisture into the hair shaft. Hair like this also has difficulty in absorbing hair products. Low porosity hair has the cuticle layer of the hair tightly packed together and cuticles overlapping each other. As a result, low porosity hair tends to be dry and greasy the majority of the time. Products sit on the hair and hair is more prone to product buildup.

What is High Porosity Hair?

Whilst low porosity hair has a difficulty absorbing moisture, high porosity hair has a difficulty in retaining moisture. High porosity hair has no issue absorbing water or hair products. However, retention is an issue. It is highly porous; there’s space between the cuticles so it loses water just as easily as it absorbs it.

What Is Medium Porosity hair?

You can think of medium porosity hair is the GoldieLocks point between low and high porosity hair. Medium porosity hair absorbs and loses moisture moderately.

Knowing your hair porosity is a vital step in taking care of your hair and reaching your hair goals. It also you create a natural hair care regimen that properly fits your hair type. It means you no longer work with hair products blindly. You consciously look out for what products, ingredients and hair oils are best for your hair.

Do you know your hair porosity? If yes, let us know in the comment section. Mine is low porosity, do share yours.

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