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2022; New Hair Goals

Healthy hair goals

New Hair Goals, huh? This is the first post on the blog this year, feels good! Its been a minute here on the blog. I had so much excitement and inspiration for this post, started typing and boom! feels like it all disappeared, lol.

So new hair goals, what’s that about? We’ve all come into 2022 with some expectations or the other, some resolutions, goals and things like that. However, do you have any hair goals for the new year?

Your new hair goals could include new hair length or better hair moisture. Hair goals range over a number of things, from wanting long hair to desiring softer hair or having curls in your hair to hair volume enough to obstruct someone’s view. Who doesn’t want that pepper dem hair. However, your hair goals should always be directed towards having healthy hair. What do I mean when I say healthy hair? Healthy hair meaning a hair that’s strong, properly moisturized, adequately nourished and trimmed appropriately. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the hair texture (a,b or c).

What’s your natural hair goal?

Now we all have natural hair goals but making hair goals is one thing and adhering to them is another. Below are a few tips to help with the how of achieving those healthy hair goals.

  • Make reasonable hair goals with a reasonable time frame. You might have made your new hair goals already but do check them and see if they new some readjusting. For example, growing ten inches of hair in 2 months. I believe this is an obvious exaggeration but do understand what I mean. Give yourself time and be patient with your hair.
  • Make a chronicle of events before and after. Hopefully this isn’t a cliche to you. Make a good honest record of your hair before you set out to achieving your hair goals, in-between the period and make one after. This will help you determine the progress of your hair. It could be in form of pictures, videos, notes, have fun with it whilst remaining accurate and honest with yourself.
  • Pay more attention to your hair products. Read the ingredients, make inquiries online and offline. I spend an extra 15minutes standing in a store, reading and analyzing the ingredients used in my hair products before I purchase them, simply because I want to be sure what goes into my hair. Its really funny because there”ll be watching eyes but I do get what I need.
  • Take things one day at a time. Thinking about everything you may need to do to achieve your healthy hair goals in the long run may be overwhelming. What you need to do is break them down, have a healthy hair regimen and be consistent. Spritz your hair each night, wear your satin hair bonnet to sleep, moisturize your edges every morning, do scalp massages every day, trim dead ends when the need arises. Simply define a daily/weekly routine and keep to it, switching things up when need be.

“Seek ye first healthy hair, and all other hair goals shall be added unto it”.


Be patient and avoid beating yourself up. Your hair won’t look or be the same way it was yesterday. Some days would seem perfect, others not so much but do trust in the process.

You may be wondering, “what’s her new hair goals?” My new hair goals are length and health, baby. Considering a few hair oil combinations, but only after my research is done. So there you have it, new hair goals. Do share yours in the comment section, let’s do this together. I’ll be waiting.

Need any help with your hair, visit our contact page. With lots of love, Happy new year.


4 responses to “2022; New Hair Goals”

  1. hadassahscroll avatar

    Hadassah’s hair goals are health and moisture.😌

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    1. That’s lovely to hear😌


  2. Seek ye first! 😅😅😅

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