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Reasons You Should Be Doing a Pre-poo Treatment

What exactly is pre-pooing? You probably already know by now that it has nothing to do with you visiting the toilet and if you didn’t, then I’m glad you know now.

Pre-pooing is basically something you do before shampooing. Pre-pooing is a process, a treatment you carry out before actually going ahead to shampoo your hair. It’s gotten from merging the words “pre” and “shampooing” together. Just some fancy word play dear.

Why Should You Pre-poo?

I mean, wash day is already a whole work out on its own so why should you add all this extra drama? Well, pre-pooing helps in preventing the harsh chemicals of the shampoo from harming your hair. It helps prevent the shampoo from completely stripping your hair of, as I’d like to call it, its natural juices.

It also adds some extra moisture to your hair and moisture is much needed for your hair’s health. Pre-pooing adds life to your hair, if you’re a curl queen, you can be sure that it would give life to your curls.

What Should You Use To Pre-poo?

There’s a wide range of things you could use to pre-poo. Pre-poo options range from oils such as Olive oil, Coconut oil and several other oils, to hair butters such as shea butter to DIYs to pre-poo hair products from trusted brands. Whatever works best for your hair would be just right.

Who Should Pre-poo?

Some might think pre-pooing is meant only for those sporting a particular type of hair but truth be told, anyone can pre-poo. Natural or relaxed, you can absolutely do a pre-poo treatment.

How Should You Pre-poo?

Before you use whatever you’ve decided to use as your pre-poo, divide your hair into smaller sections.

Apply the pre-poo to each section and work your way gently on your from your ends to your roots, detangling each section as you go.

When you’re done with a section, try and find a way to keep it in place while you work on the others. A simple two-strand twist could do the trick, that works for me.

When you’re done applying the pre-poo, get a plastic wrap and wrap it around your hair. Then take a satin bonnet or a steam cap and cover your hair. All this is to ensure enough heat gets to your hair so as to open your pores to properly absorb the pre-poo. If you don’t currently have a satin bonnet, you can order a quality full satin bonnet here Orders should be within Nigeria.

How Long Should You Pre-poo?

You can leave your pre-poo in for about 30minutes, you can as well decide to leave it in for longer. You could also do an overnight pre-poo, you’d do the treatment at night before you sleep and wash it out in the morning.

When you’re done pre-pooing, shampoo your hair and rinse and you can proceed with the rest of your wash day.

What do you think about pre-pooing? Do you have any questions? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. Also, follow our instagram page for more hair care tips

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