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9 Easy Tips to Protect Your Edges

Our edges or baby hairs as some would like to call it, can be very fragile and sometimes we tend to forget that and even completely leave them out of our whole hair care routine.

Your edges are part of your hair too. Many people lose their hairline and edges because they neglect their edges or don’t take proper care of it.

Paying proper attention to our edges cannot be overemphasized. Let’s look at a few tips that’ll definitely help you in taking better care of your edges.

Massage your edges

Massaging your scalp is a very important hair care routine, however, how many times have you paid enough attention to massaging your edges. It’s equally important to massage your edges as it is to massage your scalp.
Massaging your edges will boost blood circulation to your area and improve growth.
You can massage your edges for 5-10minutes using an oil that works for you. Doing so without an oil works too.

Wash off products/gels off your edges before you sleep

Perhaps you styled your edges with some gel before leaving the house, you should try and rinse the gel on your edges out before going to bed. I know it looks really good but your edges has some of the most fragile hairs, edges that have been dried out by gel can easily break away and that’s how you lose them easily.

Wrap your edges with a satin/silk scarf

You can always get a nice silk scarf to wrap your edges with.

Don’t let your hair bonnet sit on your edges

One of the essence of wearing a satin bonnet is to protect your hair while you sleep, so don’t let it sit on your edges. Move your satin bonnet forward a bit, we’re trying to protect your hair not damage it.
Same thing with you silk scarves, move it forward so it doesn’t sit directly on your edges.

Don’t pick at your edges

I’m guilty of this one. Always avoid the urge to do this. Sometimes when bored, busy or stressed, it’s something that a lot of people do subconsciously. Might feel nice but you could easily notice you’re losing a few strands here and there

Moisturize your edges

Yes, very important. Dry hair is prone to breakage. Always try and keep your edges moisturized

Don’t leave your edges out of your hair treatment.

Yes, we tend to do this. We apply the product we use to the scalp or the full length of our hair and leave out our edges.
Whatever treatment or products that could nourish your longer hairs would nourish your edges too. Don’t leave them out dears. If you’re giving your hair a nourishing treatment, show some love to your edges too.

Avoid tight hairstyles

Some hairstyles tend to pull on our edges, avoid hairstyles like that. Sometimes it might not be the hairstyle but the hair dresser. You can always tell your hair dresser to adjust the way he/she makes your hair so you can protect your edges. For some hairstyles, you can completely leave out pulling your edges into it. You can always tame/style it separately in a more gentle way.

Avoid heat

Last but not the least, avoid hair styling that involves excessive heat or just avoid heat styling for a while. Heat tends to dry out hair and make it prone to damages so try and avoid it as much as you can.

What other tips do you know on protecting your edges? What do you personally do to take care of your edges?

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  1. Scalp massages are also very cool

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  2. Scalp massages are also very helpful


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