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3 Reasons You Should Be Wearing a Hair Bonnet

You know how you make your hair and look all pretty and but then it gets messed up in less than two days. Who else can relate to this? I know I can. Well, there are ways to take away all that.
If you’re asking already how, then one of your answers is bonnets, hair bonnets.
Hair bonnets are basically caps made of soft fabric. They’re one of the most important hair accessories you need if any of your hair goals includes moisture in it and should definitely be part of your hair routine.

Reasons you should use a hair bonnet

Preserves hair moisture

I said earlier on that if you have hair goals that include moisture in them, then you should get a satin bonnet. Why? Satin bonnets helps preserve moisture in your hair and protect your hair from moisture absorbing materials such as cotton especially from our pillowcases or beds. I know many of us use pillowcases made from cotton materials, one of the downside of that would be all the moisture they absorb from our natural hair. I don’t think you want a dried out hair, I know I don’t like that. Besides, moisture is one of the key factors in achieving your healthy natural hair.

Prevents friction and tangling

Friction results when hair is constantly rubbed against each other and other damaging materials. This happens a lot when we sleep, you know, trying to get the perfect position, turning your head various ways, all that rubbing on your bed or pillowcases while you dream those beautiful dreams, it takes a toll on your unprotected hair. If only you had a bonnet right? Well, friction also leads to breakages and split ends (we’d discuss these two issues someday) and satin bonnets significantly reduces these things. So if you’re still wondering why you’re seeing those things so much in your hair, this is one reason. Satin bonnets also prevents tangling from turning when you sleep and aids the morning styling process. Satin bonnets are smooth and gentle and prevent these things, friction, tangling and the others, which result in eventual damage to your hair.

Saves money and time

Yes, yes I said it, it saves a lot of money and time for styling. There’s really no point in taking all that time and money in conditioning, moisturizing, styling and putting in all that work into your hair, be it natural, relaxed, transitioning, attached or any kind of hair at all, if it’s just going to get damaged anyways because without a hair bonnet the damages your hair is prone to is a lot. The money and time you’re putting in now would be better reflected when you get yourself a good bonnet and you’d save yourself all that extra money and time.

There’s a lot a satin bonnet does in preserving and maintaining your hair, whatever type it may be. Personally, my satin bonnet has served me really well since I got it, it has become an integral part of my night and wash day routine. Don’t let your hair get damaged before you decide to get one, don’t let all that time go. So get a bonnet today and say bye bye to split ends and tangling.

At Anjie’s accessories, we care for every kind of hair and you can get the best and most affordable satin bonnets with us. if you’d like one custom made for you, you can get that as well. Good news guys, price slash on all our satin bonnets for a limited time only. Contact us to place orders and don’t sleep on it unless its a bonnet, then yes, you should sleep in one.

Tell us, what do you think about bonnets? Do yo think you should get one? Do you have one and how has yours served you? Share your thoughts.


3 responses to “3 Reasons You Should Be Wearing a Hair Bonnet”

  1. I personally think bonnets are comfortable to wear .. Yet I’m asking myself ..”why aren’t you wearing one ?”….🤔😂

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    1. Lol. You should get one

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] This seems overemphasized but it definitely isn’t.  A good hair bonnet would protect your hair while you sleep, it’ll help preserve your hairstyle for longer as it prevents roughening.  It’ll also help prevent loss of moisture from your hair and prevents split ends. […]


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